Cumbre Tajín 2019

Cultural festival that takes place in the northern area of ​​the state of Veracruz, within the municipality of Papantla de Olarte.

From March 20 to 24 this festival will take place, which will have as a refuge the "Sacred City" certified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

As every year, this show is already preparing to welcome the beginning of spring, taking as its framework ceremonial buildings and a town that is proud of its rituals and pre-Hispanic ancestors.
The objective is to care for and spread the cultural wealth of the archaeological zone of El Tajín.
The first edition was held at the spring equinox of the year 2000, within the Takilhsukut Theme Park.


The archaeological site The Tajín was discovered in 1758, the former capital of the Totonac culture.
He welcomed people from different parts of the world in 2000; This was the beginning of the festival with the intention of calling the attention of the world to the Totonacapan area of ​​the state of Veracruz, to enhance the natural and cultural wealth that is held as heritage.


First edition
In the first spring equinox, from March 17 to 21, about 3500 people participated in the spring show and the Tajín 2000 Summit.

A stage was created for 300 artists on stage and a capacity of 5,000 spectators will enjoy 120 continuous hours of visual arts, music, dance, alternative therapies, rituals of purification, handicrafts, ancient language, exhibitions and conferences.


Second edition
The second edition of The Tajín Summit was held in 2001, on March 30 a presidential decree was published that protects the 1221 hectares of the archaeological zone.


This spectacular construction of more than 20 m high, whose amazing facades, decorated with more than 360 niches, is related to the calendar (solar) that governed the life of the ancient Mexicans during the pre-Hispanic era.


In the ancient capital of the Totonacs is this famous and unique game that, in reality, is a kind of path of the Sun through the earth, illuminating with it the way of men on the face of it. Five birdmen, tied by a rope, must climb to the top of a pole, once in the heights, only four of them, to the rhythm of the music of the drum and the flute, descend rhythmically until they touch the earth.


Only 10 km from Papantla is the archaeological site of The Tajín, Papantla is irregular streets and houses with tile roofs. In this town they still breathe their pre-Hispanic roots, manifested in the traditional and famous dance of the Flying. Flavored by the vanilla that gives its land.